About HR Maskin

It is almost 20 years, since we started with the import and marketing of Rotabroach Hole Cutting Systems. Much has happened in these years and we are now one of Norway’s leading suppliers of Hole Cutting Drills, Hole Cutters and niche products. We currently import products from all parts of the world. We have a nationwide dealer network of industrial shops that offer goods and services.

The same key people who were with from the start is with us today, both in sales and service. This means the solid experience of machines and tools in general and of core drilling in steel, in particular.

Our stock has one of the largest and broadest applications of Hole Cutting Drills and Hole Cutters in the country. Our range of Hole Cutters includes all the standard dimensions, all standard lengths and can be used for most material types. We are also a major supplier of special Hole Cutters. With special Hole Cutters means deviation from the standard in relation to the dimensions, lengths and the use of special materials.

As illustrated in our product range, holds our stock far more than core drilling. We can quickly mention: Saws – mate tools – mounting technique – tubeprocessing – grindingmachinery – machines for line boring and more.

Our business philosophy is quality in every aspect. All products will be extensive tested before they are discharged in the market. We set high demands on our partners in relation to safety – product development – parts and not least user manuals. Our goal is not to be the greatest in everything we do – but to be best when it comes. We put great emphasis on education and information to our users. This to ensure that the user have a cost-effective production with low operating costs.

We have our own service facility with the spare-parts, that perform repairs and maintenance for the products we sell. As an extra service for our customers, we are still grinding service for Hole Cutters.

The future:
With one of the oldest companies that own, established in 1823 suggests that we think long term. With quality, knowledge and product development we will be a preferred supplier in the future. Our experience and expertise are at their disposal.

Welcome to a “Subjective talk” and a nice trade.